One of those Moments

Today was one those moments we missionaries have as we transition back. I went to the grocery store to pick up a list of items. I got most of the items off of the list and then headed to the deli to get some Turkey and Ham deli meat. I went up to the counter and asked for 1/3 of a pound of Turkey. The deli lady looks at me and says how do you want it. I just looked at her and stared. I did not know what to do for a minute. The lady looked at me and said would you like it cut thin. I said yes I would. I than had another moment at the check out line. I pick up a dozen roses to given Angela and Julie thanking them for their Labor of service for our families. The lady rang them up and then the bagger asked me, do you want a bag for the flowers. I just stood there and then said yes.

What a day. 🙂

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