Well, we have ¬†been back in the US almost 3 weeks. Our bodies have pretty much gotten used to this time change, but not all of our emotions have gotten used to being in the US. We have found several times where we don’t understand what is happening. For instance, we have had the privilege of watching cable TV where we have stayed. Of course there are many channels to watch, but several that I have been interested in deal with home renovations and car renovations. On one car renovation show people spent $45,000 to have their family car updated. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, but also thought what in the world are they doing. The car did need some work, but not $45,000. That money could have been used to help any numerous organizations in foreign countries or even here. There is such a great need. This is just one observation of the transition we are going thru. My prayer is that I never lose that thought process. It is hard to see a lot of money being wasted on things that are not everlasting.

Several things we have enjoyed while being in the US. Roads, ice cream, stores that are close by, fuel stations that cost less, fast internet, dining places, and family.

We have spent the last week down in Ohio with Angela’s sister. It has been a great time for all of our kids to play and spend time together. We have been able to help get several odd jobs done around the house for her sister and husband. It has been a relaxing and refreshing time for us with a little work.

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