Do I really need that?

These past 2 weeks have been quite busy and ucky. This past week I have had a cold that turned into a sinus infection along with an outpatient surgery at the hospital. I have not felt like doing much, but have soldiered on as much as possible. Angela has been a great wife this past week allowing me to get some rest at good times. I am so blessed by her. Today I feel that things have turned the corner and am on the way to get better.

Friday night I was bored will Angela was watching a movie that she wanted to check out before we left. I hopped on Youtube to see what I could find and since I like destruction found some weird demolition derby videos. I was caught by the fact that we like to take things that still have value and get rid of them. Here in Kenya a car is usable until it can not be driven and even then they keep driving them. I wondered what our Kenyan brothers and sisters would think if they saw us taking good cars and destroying them. I thought of how they would think we are wasting such valuable items. Our society in the US is a throw a way society. Do you know how much food is thrown away in a years time in the US? We can not know for sure, but it is estimated to be about 40% of our food. That calculates to cost about $165 billion dollars each year wasted. Think of what we could do with both the food and money. We could really help reduce poverty and food shortages. Here is an article in the Washington Post on it. 

How are you and I wasting things that could be put to a good use. For me it is hard at this time as we are packing up to move back to the US, but I know that as I go thru things I would rather leave them here than bring them with me. I can very easily go somewhere to pick things up, but it is not very easy here. I have struggled quite a bit while we have been here with the thought of why did the Lord allow me to be so blessed to have what I want. After today’s message at RVA church I think I know part of the answer and that is to be a blessing to others. God has gifted me with money more than 90% of the rest of the inhabitants on this earth. I must use some of that to encourage them and help them see the grace the of God.

How are you impacting the world for Christ?

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