Hot Times

This time of year it is to be cloudy and rainy, but so far it has not really been so. We have had several nights of rain, but not what is normal. Although what is normal? I have been thinking about this for a while. Normal is very relative. Normal for us these past 9 years has been serving God here in Kijabe, Kenya. First as guesthouse managers and then at RVA in various capacities. This will coming to an end in July and is hard to think about. I struggle with leaving here. I feel that this is my home and where my abilities fit in the best, but the Lord has a plan for us. We think we know what His plan is for us when we get back to the US, but will see once we get there.

These past weeks and months have gone by in blur. There has been so much to do on the maintenance side of things and IT side of things also. Before we leave in July I want to make sure that there are some major IT things done to benefit RVA and all of Kijabe. We are replacing/moving all of our phones lines from overhead to underground and making sure that everything is properly connected/terminated. If you have an improper connection it can really degrade the system and then the phone connection you have. We have done 2 major sections in pulling cable, but now have to connect the houses to the major trunk line.

I am also almost done with a renovation project in one of the high school dorms called Westervelt. We have repainted everything and put in new fixtures for sinks, showers and toilets. It has been a major undertaking especially with the students living there at the same time. I will get some pictures this week to post.

There is a Kenyan saying that I love. God is good all the and all the time God is good and that is His nature. It is so true, but at times I have a hard time believing it.

Grace to you!

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One Response to Hot Times

  1. Erica Saunders says:

    I totally agree Dad!!!! Have fun working! Will be praying for you.