It is hard to imagine that the first term of this year is over. It feels like it just started. We have had a lot of fun this term with our boys, but also a lot of work. Our boys will be with their families for the next 5 weeks and return to us the first week of January. We look forward to some rest and family time while they are away. We do have the joy of have the AIM conference here this year so we will be challenged spiritually by Eddie Larkman on the issue of grace. A great topic for all of us to continue to learn about. I know that I do not have enough grace in my life nor do I show enough grace to those around most times. I pray that the Lord will use it in my life to draw me closer to Him and expand my love for others. After the conference we will be around for a week and then head north to Eldama Ravine for a week away at a small camp area. It will be great to be away and not have many responsibilities. When we come back it will be time for Christmas and then New Years and then the kids will return. We pray that the Lord will use this time to refresh us and strengthen us, but also allow us to get some work finished.

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