Countries Galore

Today for church we went to the local AIC church. The first Sunday of the month we walk on over and worship with them. Every service they introduce the visitors and today we had visitors from the US, Ghana, Madasgar, Comorros and another country that I can not remember. I was reminded of how Heaven will have someone from every tribe and nation worshipping the Lord. I can only imagine what it will be like. What a glorious time!

One thing that RVA is really emphasizing this year is the unreached people groups of the world. Those people who have never heard the Gospel or who have a small minority of Christians. So far this year we have had 3 groups of people, the Algawa, the Antakarana and most recently the Mbororo people. It has been great getting to know these groups of people and praying for them. Our kids have really understood what we are doing and are praying for them also. It has been neat to hear some of there prayers for these unreached people. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will work in miraculous ways in these peoples hears and also in our hearts. Maybe one of our kids will one day take the Gospel to one of these people groups.

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