What a month!`

It is hard to believe that this month is already 2/3 gone. Where has the time gone? Let me tell you where it has gone. First Angela’s sister and husband, Julie and Dominic, came for a 2 week visit. They left last Sunday morning. It was such a great time with them and we had so much fun! We went alot of places and saw alot of different animals and things. We went to Maasi Mara with them for 3 days and then did a bunch of day trips into Nairobi to see the giraffe park, elephant orphanage and also Maasi Market. It was quite tiring, but we all made so many memories!DSC_0027

This is just one of the many pictures that we took on our trip to the Mara. Julie and Dominic thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit us! We will cherish these memories for a life time!

During this time I was also working on a server rewiring project in one of our buildings. We are working on having a centralized place for all of our servers and head end equipment. We have reconfigured one of our rooms and had to do a lot of rewiring to bring it up to network standards, but it is almost done. I hope to finish it Monday and then have the rest of break off. Well maybe not as we still have to reimage about 200 student laptops, help put in 3 or 4 projectors in classrooms and put in some audio equipment in our theater called Downing. Some of those items will have to wait till school starts, but we will work on most of those items during the rest of break along with spending time with our kids.

In my devotions I have been reading thru the book of Leviticus. It is a hard book to read as it deals with the laws that God set forth right after the people left Egypt. God gave Moses the 10 commandments and then proceeded to share with Moses and Aaron what he expected from the people and how they were to live. What has amazed me as I have been reading was the different laws for different events. If one had a boil or something similar you had to go the priest and they would look at it to make sure it was not lepropsy. If they were not sure they would quarantine you for a week and then check again. They did this for many things like mold in clothes and in houses also. When things were found they had specific guidelines for how to deal with it and make it clean again. It has reminded me how glad I am to live in a grace period. The law continually shows us how dirty and unclean we are, but with grace I am no longer unclean. Christ took care of that for me on the cross. I am now washed in His blood and able to live a life of grace. It reminds me of Ephesians 2:8-9 where we are reminded that is it by the grace of God and not of works. I can do nothing to make God happy or please Him, but thanks to His Son I have grace as long as I accept it. As you look at the picture above of the 2 elephants we see the momma elephant leading the baby elephant. As long as the baby elephant stays with its mother it will be fine and no harm will come to it, but if it strays of it will be in the danger of the wild. The same is true of our Christian walk. If we stay with Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to continually work in our lives we will survive the attacks of the evil one. If we stray away from Jesus and the Holy Spirit look out because the lions will come and attack. Jesus is the only one who can protect us and shield us.

Thank you Lord for your Son, Jesus Christ, and for the grace that He showered on me at the cross. What a blessed gift He gave me and you also.

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