Abiding in Christ

After spiritual emphasis week I and many others have been challenged to abide in Christ. Allow Him to be the vine and we take our strength and energy from Him. It has been easier said than done. I have been getting up earlier to read my devotions and pray, I then get the kids up and make breakfast. After eating breakfast I go and read my Bible and then pray some more. It sounds quite easy, but it has not been. The first couple of days it was easy to get out of bed early, but as the days and week wore on it was tougher and tougher. Although I have felt closer to God during this time. There are 2 things that I would like to work on as I go forward and abide with Him. I would like to spend more time listening to Him and also memorizing His word. I like to listen to God in the quietness, but being a workaholic it sometimes is challenging to just sit there. I love the quietness, but not doing something can be bothering. I have also found that I need to memorize more scripture so that I may defend myself when I allow temptation into my life and also when encouraging others.

In the LiveDead book we were challenged to give 10% of our day to the Lord which would end up being 2.5 hours. So far I am spending about an hour with the Lord and it does feel great! It seems like alot, but when you do out of joy and desire to learn it is pretty easy. When you do it out of obligation that is when you find it hard and boring. I have been reading in Genesis and things are coming out that I have never seen before. I am so grateful that the Lord is opening my eyes and challenging me thru His Word.

How are you doing with your devotions? Are you spending time with Hime out of obligation or out of a desire to learn more and grow? Are you abiding in Him and allowing Him to be your strength or are you doing everything yourself? I have tried doing things myself and it does not work! I have failed every time. Allow God to work in your life and you will not regret it!

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