What a week this has been. Ethan was sick at the beginning of the week for about 10 hours and then one of our dorms kids was sick the same night. They both had the stomach flu around 3 in the morning, but were better by 8 am in morning. It was quite interesting and tiring. The next day I started to have abdominal issues and for the next 24 hours I was stomach issues. As this was going I started to have nasal drainage and cold issues. They have continued on to get worse and worse. Last night I had a nose that kept draining down my throat and did not allow me much sleep and at the same night Ethan developed another stomach flu. He is slowly getting better and slowly I am to, but I am sure tired. Angela was feeling pretty good this week until today when she started to have abdominal issues again. She has tried to take today easy, but it was parent day at RVA and she had a bunch of ESL students to work with. We are so looking forward to getting a little bit of rest this weekend.

This week has felt like we were being attacked the prince of this world. We know that we battle not this world, but the principalities of this world. We would really covet your prayers.

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