Time in the US

It is hard to believe that we have been in Kenya for almost a week. We had a wonderful time in the US visiting with family, getting some tests done for Emily and also Angela and checking on Jeff’s parents. It was short and quick, but fun!

We were able to have Emily’s retested by her vision doctor. Emily’s sight is almost 20/20, but her vision is in need of improvement. Vision is your brains use of what the eyes are seeing. Emily is not always able to process in a productive way what she is seeing. We are grateful for some new therapy opportunities for Emily that Angela will be trying. The vision doctor retested Emily’s vision and compared it a test that was done about 2 years ago. There has been alot of improvement, but there is still much improvement that needs to be done. Please continue to pray for perserverance on Emily’s part and that the new therapy will continue to improve her vision

Angela continues to have issues with her abdomen. She did meet with an infectious disease specialist while in the US and he was happy with the care she received in Kijabe. He redid some tests which came back negative. She did have a upper and lower scope, but it did not show much. It did show that her stomach lining was thin so they did put her on some medicine to increase that lining, but this would not affect her abdomen with the pain she is having. He did have her do a lactose free and wheat diet, but that also seemed to not make any difference. She will be having a gallbladder test this coming week at a hospital in Nairobi for that. If the gallbladder is the issue that it will be removed here at Kijabe hospital by one of our surgical friends.

The time in the US to see my, Jeff’s, parents was good. We found that mom is slowing down and can get tired very easily and requires alot of rest. Her spirit is strong though. We continue to pray for healing for her from the lymphoma and shingles. Dad is doing pretty good although he is tired also. He has given mom alot of care and attention this past year and been a great example of how we are to love our wife thru anything. Business continues to be brisk for dad’s company, Sound Specialty Company, and we are so grateful for that and how the Lord provides. I helped dad at the Racine County Fair, Kenosha County Fair, Sealed Air company picnic, Sikh Temple and Racine County Courthouse. I was glad to be able to help in whatever area needed to for them.

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