US Visit

We are back in the US for a short 5 week visit. It has been a very busy time helping my parents and spending lots of time with family. One of the nice things about being back in the US is that Angela will get some medical tests done. She has been having more issues with her abdomen so she will be having and upper and lower scope on Wednesday, August 1. We pray that this will give some insite as to what is going on with her abdomen.

Since we have been in the US we have also been able to have Emily’s vision retested. Her vision is doing much better, but still has a long way to go. The testing that she had done showed that her vision and progression is still 2 years behind. Please pray for her to “catch up”. Angela will be revising some of the exercises they do together and give her some extra work as time allows. We praise God for the way He has worked in her life and the progress she has made.

We have heard that we will have 4 boys in our dorm this coming term. This may change though as we have not started school yet. 🙂 The boys are in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. Two of the boys will be returning and 2 of the boys will be new. We are excited to have these group of guys and will have some new adjustments to make.

We have just finished helping grandpa work at the Racine County Fair. It was a fun, but busy week making sure everything was working as needed. The food was probably the most enjoyable part of the fair right ahead of the rides. It was also alot of fun seeing old friends and making new ones.

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