Outreach Day

Almost two weeks ago we participated in Outreach Day, which is where students sign up to be on a team and go minister to different groups of people. In the past we have done things like visit an orphanage, visit children at the hospital or plant trees. This time we cooked a meal for a group of people who gather at a cement building near the other “stores” in Kijabe and sell vegetables, crafts or baked goods (like tortillas and english muffins). For most, selling these items is how they make money to eat, for rent, school fees, etc. And personally, we don’t think it is easy. An obvious statement, but it depends on how many people come to buy your vegetables or crafts. And sometimes it isn’t very many. So, we really wanted to encourage them.

So, our three kids, our dorm kids (minus 2 that were with their parents for the weekend), and a few others that signed up (including our good friend and dorm cover, Lauri) came to our house to make chili and rice and 2 cakes (chocolate and spice).

Cooking the food for the people at the duka.

The boys preparing one of the desserts.

Preparing cards for those at the duka.

After we prepared the food, we made some cards to take down to them and practiced some songs to sing to them. It was very encouraging to see how excited the kids were to do things to bless this group of people. They all wanted to help ask them what kind of soda they wanted, help pass out the food and even get to know them a little bit. While they were eating, we sang some songs and prayed for them. Our only regret was that we didn’t spend very long down there with them.

Handing out dessert to the ladies.

Handing out food to the people at the duka.

Singing to the ladies while they eat.

One of our kids sitting with one of the ladies at the duka.

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