Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all our mom’s out there. Especially to mama Saunders and mama Boyce!

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with the Titchie Musical. Our Titchie 5th and 6th graders put on a 45 minute musical about Moses. They did a great job and Erica sang a solo on the last number and did a great job! We are so proud of her! She had been sick all week with a fever so we were not sure she was going to be able to be in it. Darilyn did a great job with the kids! Our Mother’s Day gift to Angela was eating out at the cafo. She also had a pretty easy day and relaxed quite a bit.

This week has been good, but very tiring. We had homeschoolers from all over the continent here getting testing and spending time in classrooms. Angela arranged all the housing. Jeff has been sick with a cold/sinus infection for the past 5 or so days and that made the musical interesting. I seem to be getting better, but it is still hanging around.  The hard part is being all plugged up.

This past 2 weeks we have had over 8 inches of rain and over the past month or so we have had over 15″ of rain. One day we received 4″ of rain. Needless to say things are quite saturated. We have even had several landslides and one that is threatening our main road out of Kijabe. Pray with us that we would have some sun along with all of this rain. The crops are being washed away and it is really stressing out our Kenyan friends.

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