Medical Update

Well what a week we have had. Most of this deals with Angela and an update on her condition.

Things seemed to be going good this week, but on Thursday night Angela was in some pain for quite some time. It lasted pretty much all night. On Friday she talked with Rich alot and they decided to do some more testing to see if something else was up besides the amoeba. Rich talked a radiologists in Nairobi and was able to get us scheduled for a CT scan early Saturday morning. This would should us of any issues in the abdomen. Angela had to take some medicine the night before to clean out the system. We left the kids with the Davis’ family around 8 am and then headed for MP Shah hospital in Nairobi to have the scan done. We were not were excited about this as hospitals and Nairobi can just eat your time away. We arrived at the hospital around 9:15 for a 9:30 appointment. At first it seemed like there were not any appointments, but after that was sorted out Angela had to drink 5 glasses of water before the procedure. By 9:45 she was having her CT scan. By 10:15 it was all done and we were waiting for the results. The radiologists is one of the best in Kenya if not the best from what we have been told by our doc friends. He was very easy to talk with and answered our questions. He looked at the scans and said that everything was healthy and in good condition. We were relieved, but also disappointed. We still had the question, what is causing all the pain? Angela has decided to give it some more time. She has been on some strong antibiotics for the last 3 or 4 weeks so we want to give it time to clear out of the body and also for it to do its work. Her pain has been less the last 2 days so we pray that this pattern will continue and the medicine just needed more time to work.

We are grateful that the tests came back negative, but would like to know what has been or is going on. Please pray for patience and endurance. Please pray for the docs as they continue to think and research what might be going on. The docs here have been so great, especially Rich!

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