Guesthouse Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom for rooms 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 had some water problems from the showers in each area. The water had damaged all of the floor and a lot of the walls had been damaged. We ended up tearing all of the structure out down to the main structure. We first had to replace the floor with 1″ blockboard and then installed 1/2″ cement board. We also put 1/2″ cement board on all of the walls around the showers. We covered the cement board with a red rubber coating to protect from water leaks. For the rest of the bathroom we put in 1/2″ moisture resistant drywall. We tiled the shower area and painted the rest of the bathroom. There is a sink next to the shower and on the other side of the shower is the toilet. The bathroom looks quite different now that it has been redone.

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